Thursday, May 21, 2020

Journal Prompt:

Find three things in your house that roll. Write a sentence for each one.
A _____ rolls.
A _____ rolls.
A _____ rolls.

Langauge Arts:
Read a nonfiction or informational book or watch an informational video or show. Have your child say 2 facts from the book or video. Remind them that facts are things that are true, not opinions.
Repeat activity from DAY 2, but now have your child write a number sentence to match. Ex: 10+3=13
(Day 2: Write numbers 11-20. Draw dots or shapes to match. Circle the group of 10 in each group. Ex: Next to 13, draw 13 dots. Circle 10. There are 3 more.)
How many different things can your find in your house that roll? Make a list with words and pictures.
Social Studies:
Ask your family for an example of a hero in history. Have your family tell you about them.

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