Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Who are the heroes in our community and how do they help us?

Language Arts:
Make sight word cards with some of the kindergarten sight words. Play memory or concentration OR Find your sight words in a book and write them down. Practice reading them when you’re done.
Repeat activity from DAY 1, but now have your child write a number sentence to match. Ex: 10+3=13
(Day 1: Give your child a handful of objects. Have them count out 13. Next have them split the 13 into a group of 10 and 3 more. Repeat with other teen numbers.)
Discuss how pushes and pulls can have different strengths or forces. Find something you can push(move) with just a finger. Find something you have to use your hand to push. Find something you need to use your whole body to push. Why do some thing require more strength to push or move?
Social Studies:
Talk with your family about heroes you may find in your community. Who are some community helpers?  What do they do?

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