Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Is it easier to push or pull someone in a chair?
First, experiment. Then, write and draw about it.

Today’s Grid Activities:

English Language Arts:
Make a list of things in your kitchen. Draw a picture of each one. (Encourage your child to spell words on their own, writing down the sounds they hear, even if it’s incorrect).
Write numbers 11-20. Draw dots or shapes to match. Circle the group of 10 in each group. Ex: Next to 13, draw 13 dots. Circle 10. There are 3 more.
Push someone in a chair. Now pull them. Which is easier? Draw and write about it. Try pushing and pulling other things. Are some things easier to push while others are easier to pull?
Social Studies:
Who do you think of as a hero in your home? Draw a picture of them.

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