Thursday, May 7, 2020

New! Practice sight words just like in the Kindergarten At Home Show! Click “Sight Word Practice” in the toolbar for more slides.

Journal Prompt:

Write and draw about a safe choice you can make when you’re out in the community.

Today’s Grid Activities:

English Language Arts:
Read a nonfiction or informational book or watch an informational video or show. Have your child say 2 facts from the book or video. Remind them that facts are things that are true, not opinions.
Juliann has 10 dollars. She spent 6 at Fun Factory. How many dollars does Juliann have now? Draw a picture and write a number sentence.
Look at the stars. Do you see different colors? Are some stars brighter than others? Ask a family member if they can show you a constellation? Draw your own constellation with starts that you connect.
Social Studies:
Parents: Have you talked with your child about appropriate/not appropriate touches?

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