Friday, May 8, 2020

In today’s show, make a Mother’s Day drawing with Mr. Oka!

Journal Prompt

Write and draw 2 things that your are doing to keep yourself germ-free.

English Language Arts:
Have your child practice reading these words. Next, without allowing them to see the words, have them practice spelling them.      Men, hit, den, had, met, hen, ten, pet, hip, hot
Make your own subtraction story. Draw a picture and write a number sentence.
The sun is the largest star in our sky. The Earth moves around the sun. The sun gives us warmth and light. People and things can block the light to make shadows. Go outside and see what shadows you can find OR pretend a flashlight is the sun and make shadows in your home.
Social Studies:
Discuss what you are doing to help keep yourself germ-free and safe right now.

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