Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Today’s Journal Prompt:

First, talk about which family member you would call if you needed help.
Then, practice memorizing that person’s phone number.
Last, practice writing their phone number and draw a picture of them.

Today’s Grid Activities

English Language Arts: Make sight word cards with some of the kindergarten sight words. Play memory or concentration OR Find your sight words in a book and write them down. Practice reading them when you’re done.Math: There are 7 apples in a tree. A bird ate 4 of them. How many apples are left? Draw a picture and write a number sentence.
Science: Look at the moon. Does the moon change shapes? Do you only see the moon at night? Draw different shapes that the moon can be OR keep a picture log over several nights to document how the moon changes.Social Studies: Memorize your primary family member’s phone number.

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