Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Today’s Journal Prompt:

First, talk about when are appropriate times to call 911 with your family.
Then, write and draw about when it is okay and when it’s not okay to call 911.

Today’s Grid Activities

English Language Arts: Make a list of things in your bathroom. Draw a picture of each one. (Encourage your child to spell words on their own, writing down the sounds they hear, even if it’s incorrect).Math: There are 5 butterflies. 1 of the butterflies flew away. How many butterflies are left? Draw a picture and write a number sentence.
Science: Draw and label a picture of what you may see in the sky during the day. Make another picture of things you may see in the sky at night. What’s the same? What’s different?Social Studies: Talk about when it’s an appropriate time to call 911. What do you do and say when you have to call 911?

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